Friday, October 25, 2013

Wedding Dresses and Cake

I do a lot of dresses and cakes and I don't always take pictures.  Which results in me forgetting what designs I like to do best.  There are endless possibilities with cakes and dresses.  I then google to get inspiration, which results in different designs almost every time



.  Here are a few of the designs I've done. 


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  2. I also think J. Crew has really cute dresses for bridesmaids, rather than those ugly prom-dress-looking things. jacquie mexico's most beautiful bride

  3. I really enjoyed this post! Those dress were beautiful, and that i just like the alternatives offered to the standard unsupported queer y Wedding Dress. and that i love of these dress...and conjointly they appear to be additional flattering to the form....I have no plan why ladies looks to like large netting and lace.